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    Oral Health

    WIN a Xylitol Water Flosser Set! Our System Delivers Xylitol To Your Gum Pockets Where The Damage Begins.

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    WELflosser Xylitol Water Flosser Starter Set is the only water flosser that delivers Xylitol.

    If you are using abrasion to remove Plaque build up, you are fighting a battle you will never win.

    Our system addresses the cause of Plaque at the source.

    Minimize the Plaque Bacteria in your gum pockets for a healthier smile.

    WIN a WELflosser Starter Set

    There will be 1 winner who will receive a Xylitol Water Flosser Starter Set.

    Water Floss vs String Floss

    If you take your oral health seriously that is a question you should ponder. If you are doing both every day you are certainly getting better results than people who only brush their teeth. We want to give you some information today so you can make an informed decision on what works best and which techniques fit into your daily routine.

    Studies show that string floss only reaches 2mm to 3mm into the gum pockets and unless you really give it your best effort you are most likely only getting to the 2mm depth. Standard string floss also does nothing to address the bacteria that is creating your plaque. The practice of using standard string floss only transfers plaque bacteria throughout your mouth.

    Spry Sponge Dental Floss with Xylitol

    Spry has an excellent string floss, Spry Sponge Floss with Xylitol, that they have added Xylitol to. This is an improvement as their floss will actually kill the plaque bacteria it reaches.

    Water flossers are an important addition to your oral health routine. They can reach up to 6mm into the gum pockets. Most water flossers however only deliver water and water obviously does not kill the plaque bacteria and can spread it throughout your mouth.

    Xylitol Water Flosser Set

    Our WELtip solution delivers Xylitol up to 6mm into your gum pockets. Our customers notice the difference after only a few uses.

    Less Bacteria = Less Plaque

    The ugly truth of what lives in your mouth.

    The method of dealing with Plaque build-up has been with abrasive toothpastes. This is a battle you will never win. The Streptococcus Mutans bacteria wins every time, creating more plaque every day for your dental hygienist to scrap away. It is in between your cleanings the damage is done and the bone loss that can occur is irreversible.

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