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How to Restore pH Balance in Mouth

Is Your Saliva Acidic or Alkaline?

How to Restore pH Balance in Mouth

If you aren't using our system your saliva is acidic. Superficial use of alkaline ingredients like baking soda will not change your saliva to a pH-balanced state. This is due to the millions of Plaque Bacteria in your gum pockets that will remain undisturbed creating acid.

Acidic saliva creates gum disease, bone loss, cavities, and tooth loss.

Our WELFLOS systems deliver Xylitol to the gum pockets, starving Plaque Bacteria. Our formula also nourishes your beneficial bacteria. Within a few days, your mouth will become Neutral to Alkaline pH.

It's that simple. Alkaline saliva allows your gum tissue to heal. No more inflammation, bleeding or recession.

how to reduce acidity in mouth