How to Restore pH Balance in Mouth

Saliva in a healthy mouth is neutral to slightly alkaline. Using products that kill bacteria results in acidic saliva. They kill more beneficial bacteria than harmful bacteria.

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Why is the pH of saliva important?

Saliva is your mouth's best defense against gum disease. Alkaline saliva quickly returns to a neutral pH level after drinking acidic liquids. Harmful bacteria and viruses have much difficulty existing in an alkaline environment. Your beneficial bacteria thrive when the pH of your saliva is alkaline.

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How to restore pH balance in your mouth?

Use Weltabs twice per day. It delivers a solution that starves harmful bacteria and nourishes beneficial bacteria. This is the key reason our approach works where others fail. Weltip delivers our solution to areas where your toothbrush and mouthwash don't reach. After a few weeks, your saliva will return to its normal state. An alkaline mouth is a healthy mouth.