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Stop Oil Pulling

oil pulling

Does oil pulling really work?

If you have gum disease, you should not oil pull. It will make your situation worse by killing your mouth’s beneficial bacteria. The results from oil pulling are the same as using an antiseptic mouthwash. You get a short-lived relief but create long-term problems.

You may have also heard of the term essential oils. Tea tree oil is sometimes used in dental products. These oils have antiseptic properties. They create short-term relief but also kill beneficial bacteria.

Your beneficial bacteria balance is fragile. Plaque and acid-producing bacteria are aggressive. You will always have some harmful bacteria regardless of your oral hygiene method. Disrupting the balance of beneficial bacteria can result in dry mouth. A dry mouth can lead to further gum recession.

If swishing oil around in your mouth for 15 minutes, twice a day, has not deterred you, we hope this information will.

Here is a blog article from Ask The Dentist on oil pulling.