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Gum Disease, The Cause and The Simple Solution

If you have read some of our previous blog posts you are aware that Xylitol starves harmful bacteria that create gum disease. Today we are going to give you a more detailed explanation of why our approach to reversing gum disease is more effective.

Sugar is a 6 carbon sweetener. Xylitol and Stevia are 100% natural 5 carbon sweeteners.

The primary bacteria that creates Gum Disease that leads to Periodontitis is the Streptococcus Mutans bacteria. We refer to all of the harmful bacteria as Plaque Bacteria for simplicity. Plaque Bacteria metabolize Sugar, excreting plaque and acid. This is why most people's mouth is acidic.

You also have Basophilic Bacteria that we refer to as Beneficial Bacteria. Your Beneficial Bacteria's job is to keep your mouth healthy by creating saliva. Saliva is one of your best defenses against gum disease. Beneficial Bacteria are able to use 5 carbon sweeteners as fuel. When you use Xylitol products you not only starve the Plaque Bacteria, you give your Beneficial Bacteria the nutrition they need to flourish.

As the Plaque Bacteria population decreases, your Beneficial Bacteria increases. This is why Xylitol benefits people with dry mouth by increasing saliva production. The other positive effect is the pH of your saliva becomes Alkaline as the acid production is minimized. The Alkaline saliva allows your gums to heal and regenerate.

This is why we recommend using our system twice per day. It delivers Xylitol into your gum pockets where Plaque Bacteria thrive. Your gum pockets have the highest concentration of these harmful bacteria. You will minimize the production of acid so you have a healthy, alkaline mouth.

WELTIP Infuser Technology is a safe, simple method to reverse gum disease. Our products restore your pH balance naturally.