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Periodontal Treatment at Home

periodontal treatment at home

The best approach to Periodontal Disease is to avoid it. Until recently the focus has been on Plaque when the actual source of the problem is the Bacteria that creates Plaque. Plaque is involved as it creates a safe haven that encourages the spread of this harmful bacteria.

If you are experiencing Gingivitisyou need to take it seriously. The progression from Gingivitis to Periodontal Disease can happen before you realize it. While your gums can regenerate in a low bacterial environment, the bone loss may be permanent. Many gum disease treatments are ineffective or offer temporary relief while creating long-term damage.

The WELFLOS M is the best water flosser if you need an effective Periodontal treatment at home. The system is focused on lowering the Plaque Bacteria levels with the addition of the UV storage compartment. When you store your WELTIPs they are sanitized for the next use. This is an additional step to ensure you win the fight against this harmful microbe.

Water floss with WELTAB water flosser tablets twice per day, in the morning and at bedtime. This is very important because you want to keep your bacterial count as low as possible so your gums can heal.

We also recommend that you use the Welbrush Flossing Toothbrush. The bristles do a better job at reaching under the gumline and between the teeth.

It is also very important to always use a Xylitol toothpaste that is Fluoride Free.