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Bacteria, Water and Your Water Flosser

xylitol water flosser

Clinical studies have proven that water flossers do a good job of removing food particles. Most people will notice an improvement in their oral health using a water flosser daily. While this method does provide some benefit it doesn't actually address the source of the problem, harmful bacteria. Water simply spreads harmful bacteria. The majority of this bacteria is in your gum pockets excreting plaque and acid.

xylitol starves harmful bacteria

There are clinical studies that have proven that Xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute, can minimize harmful bacteria. These studies also revealed that Xylitol does not harm the good bacteria that are essential. In fact 5 carbon sweeteners like Xylitol nourish your good bacteria.

WELDENTAL has married these two methods with our Patented WELTIP Infuser Tip. WELTIP, when used with our WELTAB water flosser tablets, deliver our unique solution to your gum pockets.

Acid producing bacteria absorb the solution , can't metabolize it and starve. Beneficial bacteria is nourished at the same time. The result is a healthy, alkaline mouth that allows your tissue to heal.

When you water floss with just water the bacteria remain, multiply quickly and you are left fighting a daily battle you will never win.

WELFLOS water flosser, the best water flosser for gum disease.