Gum Health and Your Good Bacteria

Good andBad Bacteria

Did you know that your mouth has both good and bad bacteria? The good bacteria help produce saliva to keep your gums, bone, and teeth healthy. Excessive plaque bacteria create acidic saliva. Acidity leads to gum disease and tooth loss.

stop killing good bacteria

  Stop killing good bacteria

Healthy gums

Healthy gums

We're sure you have seen ads for mouthwash claiming to treat Gingivitis by killing 99% of bacteria. It kills primarily good bacteria. Our products don't kill bacteria. They starve the harmful bacteria and nourish the good bacteria. Starve the bad. Feed the good. Your mouth will return to a normal, healthy, neutral to a slightly alkaline state.


Water flosser treatment for gingivitis

It is very common for people to have Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a warning sign that Periodontal Disease is in your future.

Beginning stages of Periodontal Disease

water flosser periodontitis

If you do not treat this condition, you will not only experience gum loss but also bone loss. Mouthwash, string floss, and toothpaste will not halt mid to late-stage Periodontal Disease.

water flosser Periodontal Disease

We have Weltips that are compatible with most Waterpik water flossers.

The Gentle Approach to Better Oral Health