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Oral Health Tips

Stop Oil Pulling

Does oil pulling really work?

stop oil pulling

If you have gum disease you should definitely not oil pull as it may make your situation worse by killing your mouth’s Good Bacteria. The results from oil pulling are similar to using an antiseptic mouthwash. You get a short-lived relief but create long-term problems.

You may have also heard of the term, essential oils. The most commonly used in dental products is tea tree oil. These oils have antiseptic properties that create short-term relief but also kill Beneficial Bacteria.

Your Beneficial Bacteria balance is fragile. Plaque producing Bacteria is aggressive. This is why you will always have some Plaque Bacteria regardless of your oral hygiene method. Damage to the delicate balance of Beneficial Bacteria can result in dry mouth, which leads to further gum recession.

If swishing oil around in your mouth for 15 minutes, twice a day, hasn't deterred you we hope this information will.

Here is a blog article from Ask The Dentist on oil pulling.

Dr. Cami Belean Joins us on KXAN Studio 512

WELFLOS is a Periodontitis treatment at home that is effective for everyone. It restores the proper pH to your saliva.

Your saliva is acidic. By starving harmful bacteria and nourishing beneficial bacteria your saliva becomes alkaline so your gums can heal.

CLICK HERE to view the video.

Dr. Cami Belean from Cedar Valley Dental in Austin joins us on KXAN to discuss the amazing results her patients have had using WELTIP.

Best Water Flosser Choice

Is the water flosser with the highest pressure the best choice?

Your Google search is "which water flosser has the highest pressure". The problem with that approach is most have more pressure than is necessary or what we consider safe. You may end up making your gum disease worse.

If you have been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease your gums have started to detach from the base of your teeth. The last thing you need is a high-pressure stream of water assisting in this detachment and creating a deeper pocket.

We think a better approach is the gentle approach. Allow your gums to heal by minimizing the cause of the gum recession with our Xylitol rich WELTAB water flosser tablets. That is why WELFLOS is the best water flosser for gum disease.

Most water flossers deliver 100 PSI or more at the highest pressure setting. Our WELFLOS models when used with WELTIP deliver 80 PSI maximum. Studies have proven that this is a safe level that will not create more damage.

Weldental flossers deliver our propriety solution that is more effective than flossing with just water.

Are you using a Perio tip? STOP! Manufacturers who include Perio tips instruct users to only use them on the lowest pressure setting. Most people are unaware of that guidance or have been manipulated into thinking that the higher the pressure, the healthier their gums will be.

Sometimes our customers explain it perfectly. Here is a recent review:

"I had a Waterpik previously, and it worked fine until the on-off switch became intermittent. So I decided to try the Weldental-- and I'm glad I did! This flosser is great! Works great, easy to use and load up with water and the Xylitol tablet; the tablet rarely leaves any residue behind to be rinsed out; plus, you are minimizing bacteria around the gums by using it. The tablets cost extra for more bottles, of course, but I bought enough to last 3/4 of year, so I'm all set. The pressure output on this flosser is not like the Waterpik-- it has less pressure coming out even at the highest setting when compared to the Waterpik. At first, I was disappointed by the "low" pressure, but then I got used to it and it is just fine by me! I don't know of any disadvantages, but hey, I'm biased-- really like this product-- hope to use it for years to come! If it falls apart for some reason, I'd buy another one in a second!"

Periodontal Treatment at Home

The best approach to Periodontal Disease is to avoid it. Until recently the focus has been on Plaque when the actual source of the problem is the Bacteria that creates Plaque. Plaque is involved as it creates a safe haven that encourages the spread of this harmful bacteria.

If you are experiencing Gingivitis you need to take it seriously. The progression from Gingivitis to Periodontal Disease can happen before you realize it. While your gums can regenerate in a low bacterial environment, the bone loss may be permanent. Many gum disease treatments are ineffective or offer temporary relief while creating long-term damage.

Your dentist may have already recommended deep cleaning and other in-office treatments. It is best to take their guidance seriously.

The WELFLOS M is the best water flosser if you need an effective Periodontal treatment at home. The system is focused on lowering the Plaque Bacteria levels with the addition of the UV storage compartment. When you store your WELTIPs they are sanitized for the next use. This is an additional step to ensure you win the fight against this harmful microbe.

Water floss with WELTAB water flosser tablets twice per day, in the morning and at bedtime. This is very important because you want to keep your bacterial count as low as possible so your gums can heal.

We also recommend that you use the SoFresh Antibacterial Toothbrush. Its bristles are made with a material that is less susceptible to bacterial build up.

It is also very important to always use a Xylitol toothpaste that is Fluoride Free.

Your dentist may have already recommended deep cleaning and other in-office treatments. It is best to take their guidance seriously.