Who Invented Toothpaste Tablets?

Toothpaste tablets were invented in Germany in 2003 by Alex Kaiser. He called the toothpaste pills Denttabs. Several companies followed suit and launched their versions shortly afterward.

In 2014 a UK company, Georganics, sold the first toothpaste tablets in eco-friendly glass bottles with aluminum caps.

who invented zero waste toothpaste tablets

In 2017 Weldental launched its original formula, Chewtab toothpaste tablets. We knew we could make a better product by focusing on the quality of ingredients instead of cost. Most of the tabs in the market had unnecessary ingredients, harsh chemicals, and unpleasant flavors. Chewtabs contain limited, natural ingredients and resemble the texture of toothpaste as you brush.

Bite Toothpaste Bits appeared in 2018 with a marketing campaign focused on plastic-free packaging.