How To Choose The Correct Toothbrush

flossing toothbrush

You have bought a soft toothbrush, but is it cleaning your teeth gently? The bristles and design need to be of high quality. Quality bristles do not splay out while you brush, creating more abrasion. Welbrush bristles are PBT with thin tapered tips. The longer tapered bristles clean deep between teeth and under gums. PBT does not absorb water, resulting in longer-lasting bristles.

Quality toothbrushes are soft with fine-tipped bristles. Here are a few "gimmicks" that may sell toothbrushes but do nothing to help you clean effectively:

  • Angled heads
  • Rubber tipped bristles
  • Ultra soft bristles - too soft, may splay easily
  • Natural or "eco" friendly bristles - often too hard on your teeth, and bristles fall out.

Choose a handle that is comfortable for you to hold while brushing your teeth gently. The Welbrush handle is shaped like a dental instrument. Refresh your toothbrush every three months and after a cold or flu. Welbrushesare available in four colors, Blue, Gray, Purple, and Seafoam.