Welbrush Soft Flossing Sensitive Toothbrush

The Thoughtful Design of Welbrush

Welbrush flossing toothbrushes feature soft, tapered bristles that clean teeth gently yet effectively. Those with sensitive gums will appreciate the extra soft bristles..

The handle is slightly flexible to minimize the chance of brushing with too much pressure. Our unique dental instrument design creates a delicate, flexible reach for cleaning your rear molars and tongue.

The bristles are shorter with a thin tapered tip to clean under the gum line and between teeth gently. The bristles are made of a material called PBT, Poly Buthyl Teleputalate. This special material was chosen because it is softer, more elastic, and durable than your average nylon or plastic bristles.

Available in Blue, Gray, Seafoam, and Purple.

A variety pack is available in the 4-Pack that includes one of each color, Blue, Gray, Seafoam, and Purple.

flossing toothbrush bristles

Size: 1
Color: Blue

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