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Water Flossing vs String Flossing, Which Is More Effective?

xylitol string flossing

Water Floss vs String Floss. Which is more effective? If you take your oral health seriously that is a question you should ponder. If you are doing both every day you are certainly getting better results than people who only brush their teeth. We want to give you some information today so you can make an informed decision on what works best and which techniques fit into your daily routine.

But I Floss Every Day! How Did I Get Periodontal Disease?

Studies show that dental floss only reaches 2mm to 3mm into the gum pockets and unless you really give it your best effort you are most likely only getting to the 2mm depth. Standard string floss also does nothing to address the bacteria that is creating your plaque. The practice of using standard string floss only may transfer plaque bacteria throughout your mouth.

We recommend using a Xylitol dental floss. This is an improvement as this type of floss will help starve the plaque bacteria it reaches.

Water flossers are an important addition to your oral health routine. They can reach up to 6mm into the gum pockets. Most water flossers however only deliver water and can spread harmful bacteria throughout your mouth.