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Water Flosser Sets That Reverse Gum Disease Naturally

Your Saliva
Is Acidic

your saliva is acidic

Use Our Products
Twice Per day

brush and water floss twice per day

Your Saliva
Becomes Alkaline

alkaline saliva

The Best Water Flosser and the Best Customer Service

WELFLOS are inspected and tested (without water) prior to shipping.

WELTIPs are assembled in the USA. WELTABs are manufactured in the USA.

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Who Knew Water Flossing With Just Water Wasn't Enough?

We Did.

  • Clinical studies have proven that water flossing is beneficial
  • Clinical studies have also proven that Xylitol minimizes harmful oral bacteria

Use WELTIP twice per day. It starves the Bad Bacteria and feeds the Good Bacteria creating a healthy Alkaline pH. An Alkaline mouth is a healthy mouth.

WELTIP® Infuser Tips Combine Water Flossing With Xylitol

What is Xylitol? Xylitol does not harm the good bacteria we need for a healthy smile. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that bacteria cannot metabolize. The Plaque Bacteria* absorb Xylitol and starve. You will notice after using our system for a few days your gums feel healthier. We recommend that you brush gently as any plaque is easily removed.

*Plaque Bacteria metabolize sugar, excreting acid that destroys enamel, bone and gums. These bacteria thrive in a wet environment with sugar as a food source.