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Water Flosser Tablets


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • For use with WELTIP Infuser Technology tip
  • Do not place WELTABs in your water reservoir

We Use The Safest Ingredients Available



Our Non-GMO Xylitol is sourced from Europe

Xylitol is a natural 5 carbon sweetener that starves harmful bacteria and nourishes your beneficial bacteria

periodontal treatment xylitol


Natural Flavors

All of our flavors are natural extracts

We don't use flavor oils, like Peppermint Oil, because they are antimicrobial

natural flavor


Quillaja Saponaria Extract

The safest foaming agent we have found

It is a carefully refined ingredient from sustainably harvested quillay trees. Used many foamy drinks like root beer

water flosser tablets foam


Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate is used to insure tablet consistency

remineralize teeth calcium phosphate


Calcium Phosphate

We use the highest quality Calcium Phosphate so it is enamel safe

Calcium Phosphate when combined with Xylitol remineralize your enamel

remineralize teeth calcium phosphate



We use the highest grade of Stevia available

A small amount of Stevia is added as a flavor enhancer. Stevia is also a 5 carbon sweetener with oral health benefits

periodontal disease-stevia

Our Products Are Simple With No Unnecessary Ingredients