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WELTAB Water Flosser Tablets

FLAVOR CHOICE -: Smooth Mint
SIZE -: 3-Pack

WELTAB Are Available In 6 Flavors

If you aren't using our Patented WELTIP Infuser tip, you are spreading Plaque Bacteria. WELTIP is the only product that gently delivers Xylitol to your gum pockets where the Plaque Bacteria thrive.

Our system creates Alkaline saliva so your gums can heal. An Alkaline mouth is a healthy mouth.

WELTIP Is Available In 7 Colors

The War Against Plaque and Why You Are Losing

Most people have been attempting to address the symptom, Plaque, instead of the source of Plaque, bacteria. The Streptococcus Mutans bacteria is the primary source of plaque and acid. This harmful bacterial loves Xylitol and but it can't metabolize it. Without its normal fuel source, sugar, it quickly dies of starvation.

We Use The Safest Ingredients Available



Our Xylitol is non-GMO.
Xylitol is a natural 5 carbon sweetener. It starves harmful bacteria and nourishes your beneficial bacteria.
toothpaste tablets xylitol


Natural Flavors

Our flavors are natural extracts.
We don't use flavor oils, like Peppermint Oil, because they are antimicrobial.
natural flavor


Quillaja Saponaria Extract

The safest foaming agent we have found.
It is acarefully refined ingredient from harvested Quillay trees. Used many foamy drinks like root beer.
toothpaste tablets foam


Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate used to insure tablet consistency.

It is required to press toothpaste pills.

calcium toothpaste tablets zero waste


Calcium Phosphate

We use the highest quality of Calcium Phosphate.
Calcium Phosphate, when combined with Xylitol, remineralize your enamel.
bite toothpaste



We use the highest grade of Stevia available.A small amount of Stevia added as a flavor enhancer.
Stevia is also a 5 carbon sweetener with oral health benefits.
zero waste toothpaste tablets stevia

Our Products Are Simple With No Unnecessary Ingredients


"My dentist gave me an estimate of $2350 for periodontal treatment I needed. Before engaging such extensive treatment, I purchased a WELdental Water Flosser. After 4 months, my dentist was amazed that my need for periodontal treatment had vanished. THANK YOU!"
- Elaine Y January 26, 2018

"I had a dental visit yesterday and was praised for having so little plaque buildup... Great products!"
- Patricia F December 15, 2017