Orders over $50USD use Discount Code OVER50 for 10% off.

Orders over $50USD use Discount Code OVER50 for 10% off.


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My Welflos M pressure control isn't working.

Unplug your flosser for 30 seconds. This will reset the memory chip. This is caused by power fluctuations that occur periodically with all power providers.

How does the UV storage work?

The container on the left side of the flosser is the UV storage compartment. Place your WELTIP(s) into the container and slide the container back in place until you feel a click. The UV light will come on and turn off automatically. The direction you place the WELTIP into the container does not matter if you have a single WELTIP system. If you have 2 WELTIPs place them into the UV compartment as shown in the photograph below.

uv weltip storage

Is the water reservoir removable?

Yes the water reservoir is removable. It has a tight fit to help ensure it doesn't leak. When you place the water reservoir back on the flosser after filling it with water make sure you use a bit of pressure to seat it properly.