Using Your Welflos Infuser Water Flosser

Can I use a Weltab for 2 sessions?

No. If there is some of the tablet left do not save it for your next use. WELTABs are designed for single use.

  • You should always open your Weltip and rinse out the chamber after each use with warm water to remove any residue.
  • Make sure your Weltab is laying flat in the chamber before closing your Weltip.

Can I put a Weltab in my water reservoir?

Regardless of the brand of water flosser you are using, do not put WELTABs or Xylitol into your water reservoir. Only put water into your water reservoir.

Can I put mouthwash in my water reservoir?

No. The O-rings, gaskets and pump seals of all water flossers are FDA approved for use with water only. Adding mouthwash, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, and other substances into the reservoir dissolves these components.

That is why we created Weltip. It is at the exit point of your flosser.

Your flosser will fail prematurely. Using any substance besides water in the reservoir will void your warranty.

How long do the Weltabs last?

With the Welflos water flosser set on the highest setting with comfortably warm water a single Weltab will last a session of approximately 600 ml if water. If you are using a Weltip with a Waterpik flosser keep the setting on 8 or lower for best results.

Do Welflos water flossers have good pressure?

They provide sufficient pressure to safely deliver the Weltab formula. Our water flossers allow you to use a more gentle pressure. 80 PSI sufficient pressure to water floss effectively with Weltip. Our system's highest pressure setting do not exceed that level.

What is the best way to clean my Weltip?

We recommend using Welfresh tablets. Fill a glass with hot water, add a Welfresh tablet, and place your open Weltip into the glass to soak overnight. Rinse well prior to use.