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Welcome To The Gentle Approach To Better Oral Health

The Weldental family of products does not harm your beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria are the key to a healthy mouth as they are instrumental in creating saliva.

Using products that claim to kill 99% of bacteria does more harm than good. They kill mostly beneficial bacteria while the harmful acid-producing bacteria are safely hiding in the hard-to-reach areas.

Our unique formulas starve harmful bacteria while nourishing beneficial bacteria. After using our products twice per day for a few weeks your saliva will return to its normal state, neutral to slightly alkaline. This allows damaged tissue to heal naturally.

Most oral care products use SLS an inexpensive surfactant (foaming agent) that may create inflammation. Sodium Laurel Sulphate is used in many household cleaning products. Our Weltab and Chewtab formulas contain a natural organic foaming agent that studies show reduces inflammation.

Who knew water flossing with just water wasn't enough?

We did.