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    The best water flosser and is the only one with our optional Toothpaste Delivery System for your water flosser, WELtip. Our system is the easy, fun way to improve your oral health.

    Our water flosser operates on low voltage so it is safe for the entire family. The reservoir is large enough for a couple to use without refilling. The touch controls make it easy to operate and make the unit easy to keep clean. The LED pressure readout one of our favorite features.

    This is a flosser only. No tips are included.

    Water flossing is the most effective way to avoid periodontal disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. If you already have dental implants you need to keep your gum pockets extremely clean and healthy.

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    If you would like a WELtip included with your WELflosser check out these packages:

     Your dental hygienist will be amazed that you used your water flosser with Xylitol to prevent gum disease Dental floss only relocates the bad bacteria. WELtip + Xylitol kill the plaque bacteria. If you have dental implants WELtip provides a true 360 degree low abrasion cleaning of each tooth WELtip delivers a 360 degree cleaning that only a dental hygienist could until now  If you have braces WELtip is a necessity