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      While we no longer sell this water flosser we do have replacement handles available

      Here is a brief description on the Matwave handle replacement

      Disconnect the power supply. Remove the 4 feet and open the base.


      matwave remove collar
      There is a small white plastic ring where the tube attaches to the pump. Use a small flat head screwdriver or knife and carefully slide the ring off. Keep it as you will need it for the new handle.


      matwave remove tube
      Using a small flat head screwdriver or a small knife (carefully) gently slide the original hose off. Remove the old handle making a mental note of how it is routed.

      Route the new handle's tube up to the pump connection.


      matwave install tube
      First slide the small white plastic ring on the hose and then gently slide the tube onto the pump connection carefully. Slide the ring to hold the tube in place.

      Contact us if you have any questions.