You have gum disease.

Now what?  

How Did You Get Here?

These days almost everyone has some sort of gumdisease. We either brush too hard or floss not enough. We say enough of that. The weldental system we discuss here is not only affordable, but provide permanent relief to your mouth and gums. The rest of your body will thank you for a natural easy and effective way of water flossing. Our Xylitol toothpaste tablets will make you feel fresh and prevent and reverse bleeding & receding gum lines.
The problem untill now, is we had access to only brand name products from big box stores. These usually always contain antimicrobials that kills not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria. Your mouth, teeth enamel and gums needs good bacteria to heal sensitive gums and regrow healthy tissue.  
Use less of these common household products and more natural xylitol for a happier and healthier smile.

Household products containing antimicrobials that Kills not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria your mouth needs to heel and regrow gums.


Antiseptic Mouthwash

Oil Pulling

Essential Oils

Hydrogen Peroxide


WELdental Waterflosser Tips & Tablets

Deliver 100% Natural Xylitol To Your Gum Pockets Where Plaque Bacteria Thrive

Combines water flossing with WELTABS and fight bacteria more effectively and instant. Our patented WELTIP delivers and rinse Xylitol WELTABS into your gum pockets. WELTIPS are available for most brand name water flossers. If you do not own a waterflosser, you can purchase our best Weldental flosser kit with all the gadgets towards a healtier smile for under $80.00.

Kills Only Bad Bacteria

Your gums thrive with plaque bacteria. A quick rinse not only kill all the bad bacteria immediately, it leaves the good bacteria alive to help the healing process or receding gums.

Helps Dry Mouth

Your beneficial bacteria is needed in the production of saliva. Your saliva is one of your body's best defense against gum disease. WELTABS only kills the bad bacteria.

Reverse Gum Disease

Receding gum surgery is very expensive and most of the times it does not work. Start immediately too reverse your gum disease with Weldental products.

100% Natural Xylitol

Xylitol is the most effective natural product that kills only bad bacteria also called antimicrobials.
Clinical studies have also proven that Xylitol minimizes harmful oral we need for a healthy smile. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that bacteria cannot metabolize. The Plaque Bacteria absorb Xylitol and starve.
Plaque Bacteria (Streptococcus Mutans) metabolize sugar, excreting acids that destroy enamel, bone and gums. These bacteria thrive in a wet environment with sugar as a food source.
When you water floss with just water you spread bacteria and you risk pushing it deeper into your gum pockets.

More or Less

Do we have more keywords or good information we want to share here. Enamel & bones? We can always downsize too.

Rinse Gum Pockets

With weldental waterflossers you can adjust the water pressure level. Lower the pressure for sensitive areas in your mouth to avoid immediately upflair of the swollen gums.
WELTABS only kills the bad bacteria, and not the 70% good bacteria your mouth needs to heal.

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