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Welflos M Completo

Todo lo que necesitas para eliminar la saliva ácida

  • Acelera la curación al minimizar las bacterias y los ácidos dañinos
  • Crea pH alcalino
  • Chewtab Gentle Whitening con NHAP remineralizante
  • La luz ultravioleta esteriliza su Weltip entre usos

Detiene la progresión de la placa bacteriana, creando una boca alcalina saludable
Es posible que pueda evitar la limpieza profunda, el raspado y el alisado radicular

Color de la punta: Black
Segundo Weltip Color ($20 adicionales): NONE

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Weltabs: Xylitol, Natural Flavor, Stevia, Quillaja Saponaria Extract, Calcium Stearate, Calcium Phosphate

Chewtabs: Xylitol, Isomalt, Natural Flavor, Nano Hydroxyapatite, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Guar Gum, Calcium Stearate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Quillaja Saponaria Extract

Weltip Infuser Tip Patent History

4/2/2014 Provisional Utility Patent Application 61/974,379 filed

7/19/2017 Utility Patent 9724178 approved

9/4/2015 Design Patent Application 29/538,662 filed

10/4/2017 Design Patent D800896 approved

Weltip is the world's first water flosser infuser tip. Prior to Weltip's introduction there were no water flosser tips with the capacity to deliver a solution via a tablet.


Welflos M Water Flosser

water flosser features

Welflos M has a 6"w X 4.25"d footprint so that it will fit on most bathroom counters. Suction cup feet secure the flosser to your countertop. The water reservoir holds 600ml enough water to floss with our Weltab.

2 Year Warranty on Welflos M flosser


1 or 2 Weltips

weltip water flosser tips

Weltips - Made in USA
1 Year Warranty on WELTIP

1 or 2 Weltab PRO X water flosser tablets

weltab water flosser tablets

If you order a 2 Weltip set it will also include an additional bottle of Weltabs as shown in the product photo.
Weltabs - Made in USA

1 or 2 Chewtab Gentle Whitening Toothpaste Tablets
with Nano Hydroxyapatite

nano hysroxyapatite toothpaste tablets

If you order a 2 Weltip set it will also include an additional bottle of Chewtabs as shown in the product photo.
Chewtabs - Made in USA

1 or 2 Welbrush Flossing Toothbrushes

flossing toothbrush
If you order a 2 Weltip set it will also include an additional Welbrush as shown in the product photo.

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Our formula

Sugar is a six-carbon sweetener. Plaque bacteria thrive on sugar, excreting plaque and acid. If you have inflammation or gum loss, your mouth is acidic. Using products that kill 99% of bacteria creates this acidity problem. They kill beneficial bacteria.

avoid ingredients that kill bacteris

These are some of the ingredients to avoid.

70% of the bacteria in a healthy mouth is beneficial. These beneficial bacteria keep your mouth pH slightly alkaline, its normal state.

Our formula has ingredients that harmful bacteria cannot use for fuel and starve. It also contains ingredients that beneficial bacteria can use for nutrition and thrive.

Water floss with Weltab twice per day. You will Starve the Bad and Feed the Good. Within a few weeks, your beneficial bacteria will thrive. Minimize the acid source, plaque bacteria, and your mouth will become alkaline. Alkaline saliva allows your gum tissue to heal.

The dental benefits of products are superior. Use our oral care products for a few days, and your gums will feel and look healthier. Plaque is easily removed by brushing gently.


Turn On and Adjust Pressure

Press the Pressure Control dial to turn the Welflos M On or Off.Turn the Pressure Control clockwise to increase pressure and counter-clockwise to decrease pressure. The is also a Massage feature that can be activated by pressing the gray button above the Pressure Control. We recommend the Normal setting for most users.


Pause Control

The Pause Control is located on the Handle. Off temporarily stops the water flow. On resumes the water flow. It is best not to leave the Pause Control in the Off position for long periods.Turn your Welflos M off by pressing the Pressure Control dial.

Recommended Technique

Aim the water stream at a 45-degree angle to your gum pockets. Start with your back teeth and follow the inside gumline concentrating on those hard to reach areas where you may have gum issues.

Remove Weltip and Rinse

It is very important to rinse the Weltip chamber after each use.After rinsing your Weltip place it in the UV storage container. The UV light will turn on. It will turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Water Reservoir

Fill water reservoir with comfortable warm water. Firmly place the reservoir onto the base. Only use water. Do not place Weltabs, mouthwash, or any other substance in the water reservoir.

Place Weltab into Weltip

Twist the Weltip open. Place a Weltab into the bottle chamber. Make sure the Weltab is laying flat. Twist the Weltip a 1/4 turn to close.

Connect Weltip to Handle

For your first use start with the Pressure Control at the lowest level. You can adjust the pressure higher while you are flossing. As your gum health improves increase the pressure. Most users should be ale to reach the highest pressure setting after a few weeks.

Place Weltip in Mouth

If you have never used a water flosser before you will quickly learn that it is best to lean over your sink and keep your lips slightly closed to avoid splashing. Allow water to flow freely from your mouth into the sink.