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    WELFLOS Xylitol Water Flosser Sets

    WELFLOS Xylitol Water Flosser Sets

    Our Xylitol flossing system minimizes plaque bacteria Waterpik leaves behind

    Our Xylitol flossing system delivers Xylitol to your gum pockets where the damage begins. Do you shower without soap? Why water floss with just water? All other water flossers only spread the bacteria throughout your mouth.

    Recommended by Dental Hygienists

    Your dental hygienist will notice the improvement in your oral health, especially if you have gingivitis or periodontitis.

    Recommended by Orthodontists

    If you have braces your orthodontist may have already recommended water flossing. Braces create a perfect breeding ground for plaque bacteria.

    Plaque is an excretion from bacteria. Streptococcus Mutans bacteria is the source of plaque and acid that damage your teeth and gums. Fortunately this harmful bacterial loves Xylitol and since it can't digest Xylitol it quickly dies of starvation.

    Our WELTAB PRO Xylitol Toothpaste, in 6 delicious flavors, greatly improves the effectiveness of water flossing.

    You will notice after using our system for a few days your gums feel healthier. You will be able to brush gently as the amount of plaque has been minimized and is easily removed.

    Delivers Xylitol to Your Gum Pockets Preventing Gingivitis and Periodontitis On Sale
    Xylitol Water Flosser Starter Set | 1 WELtip | 2 WELtab PRO with Xylitol
    $ 91.80 $ 79.95
    Recommended by dental hygientists for patients with gingivitis and periodontitis On Sale
    Xylitol Water Flosser Couples Set | 2 WELtips | 2 WELtab PRO with Xylitol
    $ 119.90 $ 89.95
    Recommended by orthodontists if you have braces to avoid gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis On Sale
    Xylitol Water Flosser Family Set | 2 Water Flossers | 4 WELtips | 4 WELtab PRO with Xylitol for your family's dental health
    $ 223.50 $ 179.95
    WELflosser is the best water flosser to improve your oral health and prevent periodontal disease On Sale
    $ 59.95 $ 54.95
    WELtab PRO Toothpaste with Xylitol prevents gum disease. Your dental hygienist will be impressed! On Sale
    WELtab PRO Toothpaste for WELtip
    From $ 5.95 $ 4.95