Water Pick Tips - Compatible Waterpik Replacement Tips


Weldental Water Flosser Tips that are
compatible Waterpik replacement tips

These are aftermarket water pick tips that are compatible with most Waterpik water flossers. They are also compatible with several other brands and models. Contact us if you need assistance.

7 tips included

3 Jet Tips
1 Perio Tip
1 Brush Tip
1 Tongue Cleaning Tip
1 Fine Brush Tip

Waterpik is a registered trademark of Water Pik, Inc. Weldental is not affiliated in any way with the company or their products.

Compatible with:

Your model number is located on the underside of your flosser, the manual, or your receipt.

These tips are not compatible with models WP-60, WP-70, or WP-72.

Countertop models:  CC-01, CC-02, WP-100, WP-112, WP-113, WP-115, WP-150, WP-151, WP-250,WP-660, WP-662, WP663, WP-670, WP-672, WP-673, WP-674, WP-675, WP-676, WP-811, WP-861, WP-900, WP-940, WP-950, WP-952

Cordless models: WF-02, WF-03, WP-360, WP-440, WP-450, WP-460, WP-462, WP-463, WP-465, WP-560, WP-562, WP563, WP-565, WP-569

Kids:  WP-260

Travel:  WP-300

waterpik tip connection length

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