Weltip + Weltab For Waterpik WP60 WP70 WP72


  • Our water flosser tablets do not contain Silica so they are not abrasive
  • Weltabs do not contain SLS
  • Fluoride-free
  • Safe natural ingredients
  • Weltip is the world's first patented Infuser Tip™
  • Compatible replacement water pick jet tips

This WELTIP version is compatible with this Waterpik Classic model

 waterpik wp60 wp70 sp72

Waterpik is a registered trademark of Water Pik, Inc. WELDENTAL, WELTIP, and WELTAB are not affiliated in any way with the company or their products.

The world's first and only water flosser Infuser tip

 Gently Delivers 100% Natural Xylitol To Your Gum Pockets
 Stops Plaque Bacteria Progression
 Effective Water Flosser Periodontal Treatment at home

Made in USA

WELTIP Color Choice: Blue