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      From $3.99 Each No Color Preference
      Choose Your Color $4.99 Each

      WELDENTAL lets you choose your favorite So Fresh toothbrush color

      SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush's Patented Design
      Has a double-tiered bristle design
      Improves the removal of plaque

      Are SoFresh rated Soft?

      Yes, all of the toothbrushes we carry are rated soft. Many soft toothbrushes flatten out during brushing it makes your toothpaste more abrasive. When bristles flatten they create more surface contact. Use an abrasive toothpaste and studies have shown you may damage your teeth and gums.

      What are the bristles made of?

      The bristles are made of a material called PBT, Poly Buthyl Teleputalate. This special material was chosen because it is softer and more elastic and durable than your average nylon or plastic bristles

      Save more when you order our SoFresh flossing toothbrush 6-packs

      shorter bristles gentle on gums

      Shorter Rounded Bristles

      Provide the perfect surface to effectively clean teeth without excess abrasion. Gently massages your gums for a healthier smile.

      longer bristles get under gum line

      Longer Thin Bristles

      Clean deep between teeth and under the gum line. Removes plaque better than any toothbrush without excessive pressure.

      So Fresh Flossing Toothbrush

      Shorter rounded bristles effectively brush all around teeth while massaging and remaining gentle on gums.

      So Fresh toothbrush with the proven, effective design.

      Better at removing plaque and reducing over brushing.


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      water flosser periodontal disease
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      fluoride free toothpaste tablets
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      Xylitol Welmints Peppermint

      welmint xylitol breath mints
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