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      Water Flosser Tips | Treatments For Gum Disease

      Water Flosser vs String Floss, Which Is More Effective?

      water flosser vs string floss
      Studies show that string floss only reaches 2mm to 3mm into the gum pockets and unless you really give it your best effort you are most likely only getting to the 2mm depth. Standard string floss also does nothing to address the bacteria that is creating your plaque. The practice of using standard string floss only transfers plaque bacteria throughout your mouth.

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      The ugly truth of what lives in your mouth.

      Xylitol Water Flosser Kills Plaque Bacteria Waterpik Leaves Behind

      The method of dealing with Plaque build-up has been with abrasive toothpastes. This is a battle you will never win. The Streptococcus Mutans bacteria wins every time, creating more plaque every day for your dental hygienist to scrap away. It is in between your cleanings the damage is done and the bone loss that can occur is irreversible.

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