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Is a Quiet Water Flosser Possible?

We all want a quiet water flosser

Water flossers have been on the market for 50 years. While there have been refinements over the years nothing dramatic has changed with the exception of our WELTIP Xylitol Delivery System, the best water flosser for gum disease.

A common complaint about water flossers is that they can be loud. All water flosser have a small pump that creates the pulsating pressure with a piston. This is what creates the noise.

WELDENTAL is introducing a quieter water flosser, WELFLOS Q. In our testing we have found it to be 3 to 6 db quieter than other water flossers.

Quieter water flosser

Some of the other features are:

  • A compartment that stores 2 WELTIPs
  • An easy to use Pressure Control on the Handle
  • An easy to use Pause Control on the Handle, activated with the Pressure Control at the lowest setting
  • A safe maximum pressure insuring the best results when used with our WELTIP and WELTAB PRO X toothpaste tablets

WELFLOS Q is the best water flosser if you want a quieter waterflosser.